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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • General Team Questions
  • Working out with the Team
  • General Triathlon Questions

  • General Team Questions

    How do I join the team?

    It's a simple process. First, you need to fill out the online Cal Poly forms. Next, you need to fill out the provided manual forms and bring them, with your team dues, to a team officer. Lastly, join in on our team communication on our website, twitter, email aliases, and Facebook. For more detailed information, see the instructions posted.

    When does the team meet?

    Team Meetings are Thursdays at 11am, Bldg. 53, room 215. Our practice and other event schedules can be viewed through our workout calendar and events calendar.

    If I can't make the club meeting, how do I get more information about the club?

    Email an officer and express your interest in the team! Our officers would be happy to answer any questions you might have via email. You can always rub shoulders with them at a practice as well. Check the workout calendar to see which practices you can make.

    Can I join/pay dues at any time during the year or do I have to join within the first couple months?

    If you decide that you aren't ready for the team right now, we allow registration through the year. Still, the dues remain the same the whole year and you will be restricted from attending team activities until you join.

    Working out with the Team

    How much do I have to practice?

    No team practices are mandatory. Based off how competitive you are, you will practice six (first-year triathletes) to 13 (Nationals champion contender) times a week. Ultimately, you will get as much out of the team as you put in.

    I am not that fast in a couple of the sports, should I still come to those practices?

    Yes! Practices are designed to accommodate athletes of all interest and skill levels. Consistency across all the sports is an important part of the sport.

    How hard are the workouts?

    Practices are broken up into three groups based on distance and skill level. Green group is our beginner group, white is intermediate, and gold is advanced. We recommend that if it is your first time practicing with the team that you start in green, as you can always move up at your next practice.

    Can I try out a few practices first or must I join right away?

    Each year the team allows everyone two weeks to try things out at no cost, after that you get to choose if you want to keep doing triathlon or not.

    General Triathlon Questions

    How long is a triathlon usually?

    The majority of the races that the team competes in are Sprint and Olympic distance races, which generally have finishing times between one and three hours. Olympic Distance triathlons are made up of a 1500m swim, 40km (24.8mi) bike, and 10km (6.2mi) run. Sprint Race distances are at most half the distance of an Olympic race.

    For more info on triathlon, check out Our Quick Guide to Triathlon.

    Feel free to contact us with any additional questions!

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