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Team Sponsors

Many of our team activities would not be possible without the amazing members-only team deals and the continued support from our sponsors:

"Established in 1899, the Fuji brand is one of the oldest surviving bicycle brands in the world." Named after Mount Fuji, a Japanese symbol for strength and endurance, "Fuji’s steadfast philosophy in utilizing the most advanced technology and incorporating elite athlete input into its high-performance, cutting-edge products has enabled the brand to endure while others have faltered. Fuji offers a complete line of premium bikes – road, specialty, mountain, women’s, kids, urban, transportation, comfort, and cruiser – through its network of specialty bicycle retailers across the globe." We are excited to turn to Fuji for providing us quality bikes at an affordable price."
Check them out at www.fujibikes.com

"At ROKA, we're dedicated to empowering triathletes and swimmers with products that make them faster — faster than they were yesterday, faster than they were last season, faster than their competition. Faster takes hard work, but when you find resonance in the water with your training and equipment there's nothing like it." We are excited that Roka Wetsuits is partnering with the Cal Poly Triathlon Team to bring "easy speed" to the team by providing us a significant discount on Wetsuits and swim skins. To access this deal, please visit our team deals!"
Check them out at www.rokasports.com

"Polar Bottle® makes safe, reusable BPA- and Phthalate-free water bottles, including the Original Insulated Sport Bottle and the Half Twist™ lifestyle bottle. Proudly made in the USA for over 16 years, the Boulder, Colorado company has dedicated itself to manufacturing and distributing premium-quality hydration options that keep people hydrated. Polar Bottle® has a strong commitment to local suppliers, excellent customer service, environmental responsibility, and to a active lifestyle. "
Check them out at www.polarbottle.com

"Finis is The Worldwide Leader in Technical Swimming Development. Founded by Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Pablo Morales in 1993, Finis has a long standing tradition of providing high-quality and creative technical products to the swimming world. Finis tirelessly works to create products that optimize training and competitive performance to help swimming advance on all levels."
Check them out at www.finisinc.com

"Limar is an Italian company, with a 27-year-experience in the production of cycle helmets, leading the way with the world’s lightest helmet range. Limar has a strong mission: to be “The Helmet Specialist” by offering the market the widest and best range of helmets in terms of lightness, comfort and fitting. All Limar products are designed and styled in Italy." Limar has teamed up with Wally's Bicycle Works to bring the Cal Poly Triathlon Team steep discounts on road and aero helmets.
Check them out at limar.com

"With an entrepreneurial philosophy and firsthand experience building the world's fastest wheel by hand, Rolf Prima has earned its place as a leader in high performance wheels. Rolf Prima relentlessly calculate, analyze, test and tweak until each design perfects the balance of weight durability, performance, handling, and craftsmanship. We invest upfront in our riders by using our own hands to build every single wheel we ship--ensuring our wheels stay true longer, ride stiffer, handle better, and last mile after mile, casual ride or at all out race pace. We design what we want to ride and we ride what we love to design." Rolf Prima has teamed up with Wally's Bicycle Works to bring the Cal Poly Triathlon Team a marginal discount on Rolf Prima Wheels."
Check them out at rolfprima.com

"SPY is a collaboration of extraordinary athletes, designers and creative people connected by a common obsession with action sports, technology, style, music, the world around us and the facilitation of world-class performance and unbridled fun. They make incredible products that go on your face, allowing you to see clearer, look cooler, perform better and be more comfortable while doing the things that make you feel most alive. They are committed to making the highest quality, most functional, best-looking eyewear on earth and supporting like-minded people and the pastimes that inform who we are and what we do."
Check them out at www.spyoptic.com

Fluid is an award winning muscle recovery sports drink. Its unique blend of carbohydrates, protein, and glutamine provide an outstanding and all natural formula for muscle repair, regeneration, and recovery. Fluid offers CP Tri Athletes discounts on bulk orders of their award winning recovery drink and other products.

GU Energy Labs has a broad and deep portfolio of performance energy products for any endurance sport. From biking, running and triathlons to tennis, soccer and hockey, GU continues to work with pro and amateur athletes to formulate a suite of products that work together to improve your performance in endurance pursuits. GU Energy Labs offers the Cal Poly Triathlon Team sponsorship through their highly exclusive Pro Deal Program! Pro Deal is only available to elite athletes, teams and industry professionals. To access this deal, visit our team deals!

Running Warehouse is the country's leading specialty running store. Their prices and selection are unrivaled by any other in San Luis Obispo, or even online. Running Warehouse is located at 181 Suburban Rd (right next to Art's Cyclery!) and offers Cal Poly Triathlon athletes 15% off in store or online purchases, as well as 15% back to the team. To access this deal, visit our team deals!

Left Coast T-Shirt Company provides us with the most reliable, comfortable, and professional custom apparel and top notch screen printing so that we can represent Cal Poly Triathlon in style. Left Coast cuts us a deal on our awesome team apparel so it’s cheap for you!

When you buy Lezyne you can rest assured that you are buying a quality, dependable, and durable product. Lezyne produces the highest quality cycling accessories ranging from pumps to saddle bags. Their "Engineered Design" philosophy is seen through sharp and aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as the functionality of all Lezyne products. If you want something that looks and works great, Lezyne if for you! Check them out here.

The SLO Wellness Center is your resource for chiropractic care and contemporary care on the central coast. Located within walking distance of Cal Poly University and downtown San Luis Obispo, just off Highway 101, the SLO Wellness Center provides an integrative approach to helping you eat well, move well, and be well using state of the art techniques in Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Nutrition and Sports Rehabilitation. Dr. Sandy Sachs is dedicated to supporting the Cal Poly Triathlon Team and offers our athletes $45 dollars off the initial exam and adjustment and is committed to educating us through clinics and team information meetings. To access this deal, visit our team deals!

Team Sponsors

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