The alumni council is a group of Cal Poly triathlon graduates who collaborate with the current officer core to continually make improvements to the team. The council serves to foster alumni connections with the team and to ensure that the classic team traditions are never lost.

Emma Chow

12/27/16 with Phil Chang (CP Tri President ’08-’09) in Switzerland!

CP Tri ’07-‘09
MTS ’09 Race Director

I wouldn’t be who I am today without CPTri, it’s THE place to meet future husbands.


Steven Villanueva

2016 Alumni. Mech. Eng. Working as an engineer for a Construction Company that builds Water/Wastewater/Nat. Gas/Other types of plants. Was Coach twice, MTS, and Pres. Loved the tri team because it provided an environment that was both socially enriching and athletically challenging.

Truth be told, I could barely swim when I joined Tri. Me and Luke Paik would get our own lane because we were so slow. My first year out of the swim at Wildflower I got beat by a guy with one arm (One armed Willy – famous parathlete). I was only decent because I could run lol. I love the team because I was constantly surrounded by people who encouraged me and pushed me to greater heights. When I would tell people that I was having a hard week or stressed about midterms, people would say something positive or funny to cheer me up, rather than story top me with worse problems like peers from my classes would.

The officer experiences I had on the team were absolutely invaluable. They taught me how to be a leader, how to encourage others, and how to be part of a team working to be part of something bigger than yourself. If you have the opportunity to be an officer you should. Apply at least! Many of the skills I learned as an officer I still apply in my career.

That’s what I love about the team. I hope you all have as great of an experience as I had. Sincerely,

Steven “Long Live 2 Laps” Villanueva


Katie Rollins

I joined the team the team my first day of freshman year, and I stayed on it until the last day of my 5th year. Currently I live, work and play in LA. I am a Civil Engineer, which means that I sometimes get to design new and better bike paths. I ride my bike a lot these days, and even race it sometimes with my local bike team. I’m part of the LA tri club, which means we do a lot of swimming in the ocean right near my house. I’m definitely a triathlete for life!


Matt Wolfe

I was a two time treasurer of the tri team and graduated in 2014 with a Masters in Engineering Specializing in Integrated Technology Management. I am currently living in the Bay Area working on improving processes for thredUP as we resell high quality secondhand women and kids clothing.


Scott Kolofer

I was a member of the Tri Team from 2011-2014. I graduated in Kinesiology and currently attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose. Although I treat a variety of patients in the clinic, my specialty is performance and athletic rehabilitation. I am set to graduate and open practice in Monterey, Ca starting January of 2018 as well as continue an active lifestyle of swimming, biking, and running!


Dylan De Caussin

Hey my name is Dylan. I graduated 2016 and now I’m working down in LA as a manufacturing engineer and trying to find safe roads to bike on! When I was on the team I was a swim coach, student head coach, and tri-house resident. I’m looking forward to hearing about all the success and contributing in any way I can. My goal is to help members keep their connection beyond college and strengthen the alumni community because we all have so much to offer. The Tri team is a family and we can make it grow even more!


Alex Gronbach

I was on the team from 2008-13, as Webmaster from 2008-12, then president 2012-13. Moved to Dallas, TX after graduation, and have been working out here since and traveling as much as I can. Favorite part of being on the Tri team was Wildflower weekend, from the traditions, cheering on other Tri team racers, and being cheered on by so many Cal Poly students while racing!

Fun Fact: I took bowling class 7 times while working towards my CPE degree.