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Alumni Benefits

Alumni Donation Levels:

Green:Once you donate $50, you get the current team t-shirt mailed to you.

White: Once you donate $150, you get discounts at some team events, such as Chains of Love, and you also get access to some team discounts, like Fluid orders, for one year, along with the Green privileges.

Gold: Once you donate $250 you get you get a username to access calpolytriathlon.com for one year, along with the Green and White privileges. This means that you get access to workouts and other resources on our website, team deals on some sponsorship items and discounts to some team events, and the team t-shirt.

If you donate equipment it will be evaluated by the officer core and then you will hear back within a week of what level you were placed at depending on the value and condition of what was donated. If the equipment is over a certain price, a tax ID number can be provided.

Team Sponsors

Fuji Wallys Bicycle Works NewBalance Finis Roka Rolf-Prima Spy Optics Fluid GU Running Warehouse Left Coast Albabici Park Tool Lezyne SLO Wellness Center Polar Bottle