[CPTri] Re: Bike Practice Tomorrow

16 Feb

You can all feel free to still meet at the rec at 7, or do it on your own.
Either way, get it done :)

On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 10:04 PM, Dillon Hollinger <
bikecoaches@calpolytriathlon.com> wrote:

> Hey y’all,
> Due to the wacky schedule, tomorrow’s ride will be uncoached.
> That being said that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your butts out there!
> Tomorrow’s ride is a great tune up for UCSD this weekend, so get out there
> and get r done.
> Dillon “get r done” Hollinger

[CPTri] Bike Practice Tomorrow

16 Feb

Hey y’all,
Due to the wacky schedule, tomorrow’s ride will be uncoached.

That being said that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your butts out there!
Tomorrow’s ride is a great tune up for UCSD this weekend, so get out there
and get r done.

Dillon “get r done” Hollinger


14 Feb

Hi all,

Here is the San Diego carpool!


Please follow these easy steps:

– Step 1: Find your name
– Step 2. Find your driver (will be bolded and above your name)
– Step 3. Find who is driving your bike (will be in the same row as your
name under “Driver of bike”
– Step 4. If the driver of your bike is different than your driver,
coordinate getting your bike to them

Drivers only:

– Make sure the number of bikes I have you driving is an amount you can
actually take
– If I have you using someone else’s bike rack, contact them directly
and coordinate a meet-up
– Coordinate leaving time with your car. I’d recommended starting a
group message – everyone’s phone numbers are listed next to their names.
– Figure out which house you’re staying at. The house information can be
found on the “House Details” tab of the excel file. Your *whole car* is
staying at this house all weekend.
– If your name is highlighted, you haven’t filled out driver’s
paperwork! This is a huge liability for the team, and you cannot go if you
don’t do it. The three forms can be found here:
forget a copy of your license as well. Please turn in to Maddy Kobliska in
room 203 in the UU (same place I work). If you don’t have them in
by *Tuesday
at 4pm* you won’t get to travel and also screw a lot of people up.

If you have any concerns, please email me if:
1) You are a driver and I have you driving more bikes than you can carry
(or you can take more!)
2) I forgot to put you or your bike on the carpool (it happens)
3) Other really legit concern

*Do not* email me if you are unhappy with who you’re driving with or the
house you’re staying at. I tried to honor as many requests as a could, but
93 people and bikes is a lot or coordinating! Thank you in advance guys,
I’m really excited!!

Annie “mental workout of the day” DBK

PS “control/command F” is a great tool to find your name/your driver’s name
in the big carpool!

[CPTri] swim

12 Feb

practice is on for tonight(as of now) i advise you check emails again
before you leave your house for practice incase our luck changes. but as of
now there will be swim practice tonight!

maddie “crossing my fingers it doesn’t change” johnson

[CPTri] San Diego – Housing Needed!!

12 Feb

Hey Team –

We have a whopping 93 people signed up to go so San Diego! This is super
awesome and more people than we’ve ever brought to this race or maybe any
race ever. That being said, I really need your guys’ help. *We need to
house 93 people.* Here is the current info I have for people who have
generously offered up their homes. As you can see, we have space for
approximately 60 right now.

[image: Inline image 1]

A few options to help solve this problem:

*1)* If you’re already on the list, but think you could fit a few more,
please let me know what that new number is.
*2)* If you aren’t on the list but live within 45 minutes of SD, it would
we awesome if you could offer up your house. Shoot me an email with your
address and how many you can house.
*3)* If you have a friend who goes to school in the area and could maybe
host just your car (so like 3-5 people), let me know their address and how
many people.

Remember, everyone is responsible for bringing their own sleeping bags,
food, etc, so don’t feel like you need to have a bed and food for everyone
if you are hosting.

Thanks everyone!

Annie “don’t want anyone to be sleepin in the streets of San Diego” DBK

[CPTri] Photoshoot info

12 Feb

Hey team!

Here’s some important photoshoot info for those of you coming:

1)The location is building 34 room 222. It’s the door that you can enter
from the first floor by subway. Go up the stairs and you should see a sign
pointing you towards room 222.

2) Please arrive dressed and ready to go by the times listed at the latest.
If you need to do makeup or get dressed, arrive early enough to take care
of that beforehand.

3) if you want individual pictures or have some extra time today, please
arrive at 6:55 ready to go, in your gear. Individual pictures will be first
come first served.

4) if you only want to do group pictures, please arrive at 7:40 or earlier
ready to go in your gear

5) Bring horse mask sif you have them and neckties and bow ties (to keep it
classy). Make sure you also bring your race kit and any other workout gear.
Any other fun props are welcome!

6) be sexy


Nick Verbos

[CPTri] Fwd: Saturday’s Bob Jones Trail

12 Feb

To any that have volunteered already or are interested in volunteering at
the Bob Jones trail tonorrow, here are the full details! It’s not to late
to volunteer and they still need people.
– Chelsey “why is everyone yelling???” Beck

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <Lea2skip@aol.com>

Subject: Saturday’s Bob Jones Trail
To: chelseylaurenbeck@gmail.com, jreynos@aol.com, peter@deragons.com,
ashleighcindrich@aol.com, JBrubaker@slocog.org, helenefinger@gmail.com,
a.reneewyatt@gmail.com, darrellb_uk@yahoo.com

Good evening!

Thank you for volunteering for tomorrow’s work day on the city of San Luis
Obispo’s stretch of the Bob Jones Trail. This is the first ever cleanup
along this stretch and is a pilot project co-sponsored by the Friends of
the Bob Jones Trail and the city to help the Bicycle Advisory Committee
develop an adopt-a-trail program. We’re planning to work from 9 a.m. to

To make sure you don’t get lost, this stretch of the trail links the corner
of Higuera Street and Prado Road near the bronze statue of a Native
American to Los Osos Valley Road. The Los Osos Valley Road trail access is
currently hard to reach because of the ongoing Highway 101 overcrossing

If you are driving, please be at the city’s sewer plant lab on Prado Road
(see attached map) by 9 a.m. City biologist Freddy Otte will lead a caravan
of vehicles to the work site near the new bicycle/pedestrian bridge close
to Los Osos Valley Road. Or, you can ride your bicycle or walk to the work
site, which is about a mile southwest of the Higuera Street/Prado Road

The city will provide tools, water and snacks. I’m bringing fruit. Wear
comfortable clothes, work shoes/boots, work gloves, sunscreen and a hat.

Thank you again for volunteering and we look forward to seeing you in the

Lea Brooks, Steering Committee Member
Friends of the Bob Jones Trail

Read more here:

[CPTri] Meeting Minutes 2/11

11 Feb

Hey Team!

Here are the meeting minutes:


* – Today, 2/11 CPTri Photoshoot!- Bring your workout gear:- swimsuit,
wetsuit, tri-suit, Bike, etc. – Be there ready to go by 7:40, wearing your
gear for group pictures- Be there ready to go by 6:55, wearing your gear
for individuals- Dexter building (by subway) upstairs in room 222- Have a
horse head? Bring it!- Fill out the survey! http://goo.gl/forms/K3MIbNDQbz
– Wondering how many volunteer credits you
have or what they are?- If you get enough volunteer credits, you get ~$80
discount on Wildflower (One of the biggest triathlons)- Check here:
https://goo.gl/YdIKSh – Bike Transition clinic and
fitting 10-3 ish at the tri house on 2/15- Bring $10 for fitting – watch
for survey in an upcoming email- Jon “Want to get paid to do beach day?”
Become an avila beach lifeguard- Tryouts are march 5th- Application must be
in by the end of february- Jon “You start out at almost $16 an hour”- You
get paid $10 an hour for coming to training- Jon “Are are never going to be
more sore than you have ever been”- You do not have to have previous
lifeguard experience- Want to clean up the Bob Jones Trail? Email chelsey!-
The pool filter broke again yesterday. Watch your emails for when the pool
reopens.- San Diego (due next Thursday, 2/11 at midnight):
http://goo.gl/forms/eyTJ0mn4Sm – You can
still register for San diego!- Register ASAP! Register here:
– You want to do this race fo’

* – Gas Reimbursements- Presentation:

You get reimbursed for driving to races. Here’s how!- You must be on the
carpool survey to participate- Fill up tank in SLO, keep receipt and refill
when you get back and keep that receipt- Fill out the reimbursement form:-
– Description: “Gas for [race
name] race”- Must be filled out in pen- receipts must be attached and not
highlighted- Return it to maddy or annie- Reimbursement may not cover full
price of gas- Carpool members will split the rest of the cost- Zot Trot
Race Preview- Its gonna be sunny and 86!- Ask annie about the carpool- Pool
swim, so no wetsuit!- Bring your student ID!- Snake swim, start about 5
seconds apart- Becca “Its complete chaos”- Miracle Miles for Kids- register
at www.mm4k.com – only $35 until feb 14- Fundraiser to
help needy families in the area*Upcoming Events

2/11 CPTri Photoshoot!

Be there ready to go by 7:40 for group pictures

Be there ready to go by 6:55 for individuals

Dexter building (by subway) upstairs in room 222

2/14: Irvine Zot Trot race!

Our first race of the season!

Register here: http://www.ucitriathlon.org/registration/

2/15 Bike Transition clinic and fitting

10-3 at the Tri house

bring $10 for fitting

2/21: San Diego race!

You definitely want to come to this race! It’s a big team effort and
most people’s first race!

Register here: https://events.hakuapp.com/tritonman-2016

3/5 & 3/6: Stanford Treeathlon

Registration and info here: http://treeathlon.co

3/20: MTS!!

This is the race that our team hosts and is the conference

Plan on either racing or volunteering this weekend because we need
all the help we can get

Volunteer sign up here:

Register here: http://marchtriathlonseries.com/registration

Nick “No, I do not proofread my emails” Verbos

default icon Example-UC-Irvine-Zot-Trot-2016.pptx

[CPTri] Volunteer opportunity!!!

11 Feb

Howdy teamsies,
I just wanted to let you all know about a volunteer opportunity coming up
this weekend. The details are down below! Shoot me an email so I can let
the coordinator know you’re coming and afterward send me proof you were
there (a photo) I will award you with a volunteer credit! The list of
credits will be going up on the website soon so you can see where you’re
Have a great weekend everyone!!!
– Chelsey “5 day weekend yeeeee” Beck

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Friends of the Bob Jones Trail<bobjones@bikeslocounty.org>
Date: Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 12:30 PM
Subject: Bob Jones Trail Volunteer Opportunity this Saturday
To: Friends of the Bob Jones Trail <bobjones@bikeslocounty.org>

Hello Friends of the Bob Jones Trail:

The Friends, in conjunction with the city of San Luis Obispo, is holding
its first ever trail cleanup this Saturday,
Feb. 13 , from 9
a.m. to noon
. Our focus is the city’s stretch of trail from
Prado Road to Los Osos Valley Road, specifically an area that needs to be
weeded and replanted near the new bridge close to Los Osos Valley Road. The
city will provide tools, water and snacks. This cleanup is a pilot program
that will help the city’s Bicycle Advisory Committee develop a volunteer
program for the city’s stretch of the trail. We need 20 volunteers for this
event. Please confirm with me, Lea Brooks, at lea2skip@aol.com that you
want to participate, and I will send you more details about the cleanup and
parking. Thank you for your interest!

Lea Brooks, Steering Committee member
Friends of the Bob Jones Parkway

[CPTri] Custom hats $

11 Feb

Happy hump day!
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine, your probably wishing your cp tri
hats were here already! I need to collect the $15 for the hats by this
weekend! Bring $ to the meeting tomorow or venmo me! Come Saturday whoever
pays will get one!
Also bring any other apparel $
Peter “love sending emails from the bathroom” Aster