[CPTri] House info

19 Feb

Hey Team,

Here are the houses you’ll be staying at, addresses, and contact info if
you have any specific questions. Thank you all for being polite and
respectful guests for the families that are generously putting you up!

House Contact info Address
The Black Family 8056793004 (Annie) 7315 La Soldadera, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Kim Scanlon 8586991330 4396 Mount Jeffers, San Diego, CA 92117
Casey Duncan 6194717495 1908 Denver St., San Diego, CA 92110
Jamie Nelson 9515154581 5146 Steinbeck Court, Carlsbad 92008
Shannon Riley 8588295361 13154 Glen Circle Rd., Poway, CA 92064
Key code:* 5231*
Connor Daley 7606834542 2920 Managua Pl., Carlsbad, CA 92009
Chris Slezak 7608091281 8062 Camino Montego, Carlsbad, CA 92009
Safe travels today and tomorrow!

Annie “stopping in SB for my dad’s tacos!” DBK

[CPTri] Meeting Minutes 2/18

19 Feb

Hey Team!

Sorry that this is a bit late! Here are your meeting minutes! Thanks Maddie
for filling in for me :D

Workout of the week:

Matt: skipped bike practice to go mountain biking

Rachel: did triathlon at UCI (chain broke)

Alanna: swam out to Avila peer to tryout wetsuit


Carpool info survey got sent out

Prices increase soon!

One more thing about the carpool

Your bike may not be with you, so coordinate with the driver of your
bike to get it on time race morning


Drivers: don’t be afraid to ask for your money

There is a calculator for this on the website

People: pay the person who drives you AND whoever drives your bike!

Get your race kit!

Peter brought them to the meeting today

Check with Bobby at SD (only if you have a race kit problem)

Be nice to Bobby


It’s a valuable resource, use it to communicate TEAM stuff

DM for person info (don’t fill up the team chat)

If you have direct questions for the officer core member or coach,
look on the website for their emails

They will get back to you quickly

If your staying at the Black’s house for SD



Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091


Tri House Application up!

3spots open up

lease starts in July

sign up in the application (even if you aren’t sure)

check email from Maddie to get the survey

SD Race (look at Becca’s attached presentation)

Carpool info also has housing address on other tab

Sending 93 people!!!!

Draft Legal on Saturday the 20th! (GO WATCH!)

Everyone else: Sunday the 21st !

Start packing today!

Race day checklist! (don’t forget your race kit)

Swim cap, gooogles, wetsuit, towel, HELMETS, bike shoes, running
shoes, race belt, sunscreen, nutrition and water)

Start getting rest NOW!!!!!!!!

Start Hydrating NOW!!!!!!

There will be a pre-race check in

Friday (3-6)

Saturday (12-4)

Figure out your own food (your house is not responsible for feeding

Bring stuff to sleep with (you could be on a couch or floor)

After Race:




and don’t forget Team Picture!

Look for the itinerary that Steven is sending out

Upcoming Events

2/21: San Diego race!

You definitely want to come to this race! It’s a big team effort and
most people’s first race!

Register here: events.hakuapp.com/tritonman-2016

3/5 & 3/6: Stanford Treeathlon

Registration and info here: treeathlon.co

3/20: MTS!!

This is the race that our team hosts and is the conference

Plan on either racing or volunteering this weekend because we need
all the help we can get

Volunteer sign up here:

Register here: marchtriathlonseries.com/registration

[CPTri] One more thing, bar end plugs

19 Feb

Hey Team,

Another thing I forgot to mention. Make sure you have bar end plugs on all
your handle bars. What are bar end plugs you might ask? They are the
little (usually plastic) things that go into the end of your handle bars or
aero bars. They look like this:
[image: Inline image 1][image: Inline image 3]

These are important because without them YOU CANNOT RACE!!! They usually
have an official going around to all the bikes in transition before the
race making sure everyone has them. The last thing you want to do before
the race is have to scramble around to see if someone has one. It will
make an already stressful morning much more stressful.

Why is it so important to have bar in plugs? This is why:
[image: Inline image 2] There were to many bikes I saw this weekend that didn’t have them. I
almost depleted my whole reserve of extra plugs.

See everyone this weekend!

-Coach “Just has to be healthy by race day” Jon