[CPTri] Apparel Order #1

11 Jan

Hi Team!
Here is the first of many more apparel orders!
If you don’t see anything your interested in, you don’t have to fill out
the survey

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Peter ” when are the bike kits being ordered! ” Aster

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Apparel Order #1
This is the first of a couple apparel orders
* Required

Name: *
(First and Last)
Please Choose the type of Turbo swim suit you would like to buy (if any)
(speedo ~ $39, two piece ~ $60, one piece ~ $55) see pictures below
– Mens Speedo
– Womens Two Piece
– Womens One Piece
Mens Speedo ($39)
[image: Captionless Image] Womens Two Piece ($60)
[image: Captionless Image] Womens One Piece ($55)
[image: Captionless Image] Would you like to purchase a CP TRI trucker hat
(between $12-$15) see picture below
– Yes, One size fits all
TRI Foam Trucker Hat
[image: $12-$15] Any questions or comments?
Ex: Is the swim team gonna be jealous?
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