[CPTri] Cycling apparel Last chance to add your name to the list

05 Feb

Hi Team,
Below is a list of those who ARE ordering cycling apparel. If you aren’t
on the list and want to be, Let me know! If you haven’t paid, bring a
check to me at the aquathon or team meeting next week, or venmo me at
(@Peter-Aster) (snowy prof pic).
Also Ryker I need your sizes :)

Name: jersey Bib Paid
Kyle Jordan m m 165
Chris jenson L m/L 165
Ryker wall 165
Ryan Meinhardrt m XL 165
Madeline Dad m 75
Madeline carlson s/m 75
Eric Voss L 75
Cullen Goss m m 165
Cullen Goss round 2 XL 75
Elena Aker m 75
Matt Barksdale L L 165
Nick Reindel m/L m/L 165
Becca Brookes s/m s/m 165
Mitch Fisher m 90
Lawrence Yang m m 165
Andrew mcguan m m 165
claire ruth s s 165
Carlos giron m s 165
Jaime Nelson m/L m/L 165
Abby Nilan m 75
Denis pyrev m m 165
Isaac Blundell m/L m/L
Shannon Riley s/m s/m
Connor Daley m m
Devin Volk s s
Stuart Suplick m/L m
Brendan Abrams m m
Chelsey Beck L L
Jake “I love you” Pickett L L
Mark, germinator, Schefter s/m s/m
Mark round 2 m/L m/L
Haley “after Tuesday, the calendar goes WTF” Ehlers L
Drew Willner m m
Dylan “cullen farted” deCaussin L L
Quentin “finally have a real road bike” Germann m m
Rachel “has no money left for groceries” Draffen m m
dillon hollinger m m/L
Rachel Draffen dad L L
Rachel Draffen mom m m
Jonathan Harmse m m
Nadia “i need more kits” Carroll s/m s
Geoffrey brelsford m m
Courtney Belin m/L m/L
Peter Aster s/m s/m

xls icon Cycling-apparel-order-form.xlsx