[CPTri] Cycling Apparel UPGRADE

28 Jan

Team this Email is for those who are ordering or want to order cycling
I just spoke with Pearl Izumi and they are willing to give us a DOPE DEAL
on top of the line bib shorts (to better match our jerseys). If there is
more than six people interested we can get the best bib shorts for $90
apiece!! these are regularly $275!!!

Please fill out this survey below to let me know which one you would want!
If you are interested in cycling apparel and haven’t filled out the first
survey, go back and fill out the Apparel order #2 as well.

Peter “Dill Holl are you getting a kit?” Aster

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Cycling Apparel UPGRADE
Cycling Bib Shorts upgrade!

first and last
Which Bib Shorts would you rather have?
(are you willing to pay a bit more for a much better quality?)
– TEAM pro Bib shorts ($90) much better quality
– SELECT base level Bib shorts ($70) lowest quality
Any questions or comments
TEAM PRO bib short item ($90)
[image: Captionless Image] SELECT Bib Shorts ($70)
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