[CPTri] Let’s get ready to TTTTTRRRRRAAAIIINNNN!!!!

03 Jan

Hey team,

Drumroll please. bumbumbumdumbumdumdumbumdumbumbubububmmmm

Here’s the practice schedule for this next quarter!

*M – Swim @ 6 pm Anderson

*T- Bike @ 7am *

*W –Run @ 8 am Swim @ 6pm Anderson*

*R- Bike @ 7am*

*F- Run @ 8am Swim @ 6pm Anderson*

*S- Bike @ 9am ( alternating bricks)*

*S- Run @ 9am*

And here are some important dates to put in your planners RIGHT NOW!

Jan 18th- Beach Day

Jan 22-24- Nats Time Trials

Feb 6th- Aquathon!

Feb 14th- Zot Trot

Feb 20-21- Tritonman UCSD

March 5- Stanford Triathlon

March 20th- MTS!!!

Can’t wait to see you all on Monday!

~Becca “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUrBcJf0-_Q” Brookes