[CPTri] Meeting Minutes 1/14

14 Jan

Hey Team!

By popular request, I am trying to keep things formatted better this
quarter so you can expect a similar format every week! Let me know if you
have any feedback on this! Here are your meeting minutes:


Race Kits were handed out!

Contact Peter at apparel@calpolytriathlion.com if you need to pick it
up at another time or if you are new and did not order one.

“Wash cold. Don’t put in the dryer”

Swim is canceled this Friday!

Price for San Diego race goes up on February 1st! Sign up now!

This is the most fun and popular WCCTC race of the season! You want
to go!

Sign up here: https://events.hakuapp.com/tritonman-2016

Watch out for the GU order!

40% off order according to Conner! Watch out for email!

Fill out the swim waiver from the email!

Also attached to this email

Fill out the nationals sign up survey! See the email that I sent out!

Link to survey: https://goo.gl/G3ASUS

Team picture next meeting!

Wear your team tank!

Watch your emails for parents weekend stuff!

There are destination practices this weekend! See Upcoming events!


Jon and the Training Plan:

He presented a training plan that he is emailing out later.

“Don’t overdo it. Take some off days.”

Training Zones:

Zone 1: Easy rides

Zone 2: Endurance rides

Zone 3: Tempo. Long ride, but you are working the whole time

Zone 4: Threshold. The power that you can hold for an hour.

Zone 5: VO2 max. Max oxygen your body can take in and use.
Breathing get hard. Can’t do this longer than a couple minutes

Upcoming Events

1/16: Game Night at 6pm

Where: 333 Madonna Road (Embassy Suites)

951-515-4581 Text if you are coming

2/16: Destination Run 9am

Meet at track and head to MDO from there

2/18: Beach Day workout

2/6: Parents Weekend

Mustang lanes at 2pm

Dinner at 6pm at Madonna Inn

80’s themed!!

2/7: Aquathon

2/14: Irvine race!

Our first race of the season!

Register here: http://www.ucitriathlon.org/registration/

2/21: San Diego race!

You definitely want to come to this race! It’s a big team effort and
most people’s first race!

Register here: https://events.hakuapp.com/tritonman-2016

3/20: MTS!!

This is the race that our team hosts and is the conference

Plan on either racing or volunteering this weekend because we need
all the help we can get

Also grow a mustache for the mustache competition :D

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