[CPTri] Meeting Minutes 1/28/2016

28 Jan

Hey Team!

Missed something at the meeting? Gotcha covered!

San Diego price increases Sunday!!!

Register ASAP! Register here:

You want to do this race fo’ sho’!

Register here: https://events.hakuapp.com/tritonman-2016

Club sports blackout tonight!

Show up in the uu at 6:30 for pizza!

Want Gu? Send Conner an email ASAP


Aquathon is coming up!

You need a wetsuit!

9 am on the 7th!

Parents night

Come even if your parents aren’t going!

Swim may be cancelled this friday. Watch your email

Fill out the apparel


TT Recap

If you did all 3, then you get an estimated time for a sprint

We have a lot of really good people and a very strong team!

If you are wondering about going to nationals:

Top performers will be selected based on time

Some others will be placed by other discretionary information

If you get a better time in a race, then you will move up the list

Watch for the information in an email


Sunday March 20th

You should definitely either volunteer for this race!

This is our team’s race and gives us most of our money for everything
we do

Also the West coast collegiate triathlon championships

Conner “If you don’t race or volunteer, you will be forever shamed”

Register here: http://marchtriathlonseries.com/registration

Volunteer sign up here:

Bring your parents! Many parents come to watch and volunteer!

You get volunteer credits if you bring people to volunteer!

Discount code for the team! CPTRITEAM16

If you are on the fence between racing and volunteering, then

Relay For Life

The biggest fundraiser for the cancer research society

If anybody wants to set up a relay, then go to the relay for life


Upcoming Events

1/28 (Tonight): Club Sports Blackout Basketball game

Meet at the uu 6:30!

2/6: Parents Weekend

Mustang lanes at 2pm

Dinner at 6pm at Madonna Inn

80’s themed!!

2/7: Aquathon


bring a wetsuit!

2/14: Irvine Zot Trot race!

Our first race of the season!

Register here: http://www.ucitriathlon.org/registration/

2/21: San Diego race!

You definitely want to come to this race! It’s a big team effort and
most people’s first race!

Register here: https://events.hakuapp.com/tritonman-2016

3/5 & 3/6: Stanford Treeathlon

Registration and info here: http://treeathlon.co

3/20: MTS!!

This is the race that our team hosts and is the conference

Plan on either racing or volunteering this weekend because we need
all the help we can get

Also grow a mustache for the mustache competition :D

Nick “Wish we had another progressive this weekend!” Verbos