[CPTri] Nationals Sign up

14 Jan

Hey Team,

Here is the nationals email you have been waiting for. All important
information will be covered in this email so you do not have to come to a
nationals sign up meeting. To sign up for nationals, fill out the
following survey: https://goo.gl/G3ASUS Filling out this survey means that
you are pretty sure that you will be joining us on our nationals trip if
there are enough spots.

Here is what you need to do to go to nationals with the team:

1. *By Jan 20: *Fill out the sign up survey https://goo.gl/G3ASUS
2. *Jan 21 – 23:* Go to time trials at practice. An alternate run TT
will be on the 24th. (These dates have changed since the last nationals
presentation. Talk to a coach if you cannot make it)
3. Complete 1 WCCTC race
4. Attend a nationals meeting (dates to be announced)
5. Participate in fundraising events to earn 10 “nationals fun points”.
If you cannot help fundraise, you can alternatively pay $5 per fun point.
6. *March 3rd: * $200 down payment. This is not refundable but can be
transferred to another teammate if they agree to take your spot.
7. *March 6th*: register for the race. Entry fee is $120
8. *March 24th:* $220 final payment. (slight chance it will be cheaper
but don’t count on it) The team is subsidizing the final price by over
$250 per person, so trust me, you are getting a good deal.
9. Get permission from your teachers to miss W/Th/F class ASAP. You
will get an official letter from the school to present them.
10. *April 20 – April 24*: Head to Clemson!!! Get pumped!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.