[CPTri] Photoshoot info

12 Feb

Hey team!

Here’s some important photoshoot info for those of you coming:

1)The location is building 34 room 222. It’s the door that you can enter
from the first floor by subway. Go up the stairs and you should see a sign
pointing you towards room 222.

2) Please arrive dressed and ready to go by the times listed at the latest.
If you need to do makeup or get dressed, arrive early enough to take care
of that beforehand.

3) if you want individual pictures or have some extra time today, please
arrive at 6:55 ready to go, in your gear. Individual pictures will be first
come first served.

4) if you only want to do group pictures, please arrive at 7:40 or earlier
ready to go in your gear

5) Bring horse mask sif you have them and neckties and bow ties (to keep it
classy). Make sure you also bring your race kit and any other workout gear.
Any other fun props are welcome!

6) be sexy


Nick Verbos