20 Jan

Hey team,

This email is your comprehensive guide to the fabulous night of our
Progressive Dinner!!!!!! Here are the deets….

*Step 1:* Determine which group you are in based on the first letter of
your *last name* and prepare an appetizer, entree or dessert to bring.

A-D: Appetizers – 281 Albert Dr.

N-Z: Entrees – 2260 Loomis (Tri House)

E-M: Desserts – 276 Graves Ave.

*Step 2:* Bring your dish to the appropriate house on Saturday *between 2
and 4 pm*. A special note on this for those of you who live on campus and
do not have a car, you have to option to bring your dish to the PAC at 2 pm
on Saturday and someone will collect your dish and drive it to the
appropriate house.

*Step 3:* Show up to the first house (281 Albert Dr.) at *5 pm* to kick off
the event! Progressive is cocktail attire a.k.a dresses, slacks, ties.
FANCY IS AERO. Through the night we will walk from house to house as a big
group and have some delicious food and an awesome time!

*Step 4*: Return to one of the three houses at 9 am (before the run TT at
10 am) to help clean up and get volunteer credits!!!! There are limited
opportunities to get credits so I urge you guys to help out. You can fill
out the following survey to sign up!


Note: The hosts of progressive (Nick R, Tri House, and Drew) are generously
opening up their homes so please be respectful and give them a shoutout!

Good luck with time trials this week(end)!!

– Chelsey “spilled coffee on my whole life” Beck