14 Feb

Hi all,

Here is the San Diego carpool!


Please follow these easy steps:

– Step 1: Find your name
– Step 2. Find your driver (will be bolded and above your name)
– Step 3. Find who is driving your bike (will be in the same row as your
name under “Driver of bike”
– Step 4. If the driver of your bike is different than your driver,
coordinate getting your bike to them

Drivers only:

– Make sure the number of bikes I have you driving is an amount you can
actually take
– If I have you using someone else’s bike rack, contact them directly
and coordinate a meet-up
– Coordinate leaving time with your car. I’d recommended starting a
group message – everyone’s phone numbers are listed next to their names.
– Figure out which house you’re staying at. The house information can be
found on the “House Details” tab of the excel file. Your *whole car* is
staying at this house all weekend.
– If your name is highlighted, you haven’t filled out driver’s
paperwork! This is a huge liability for the team, and you cannot go if you
don’t do it. The three forms can be found here:
forget a copy of your license as well. Please turn in to Maddy Kobliska in
room 203 in the UU (same place I work). If you don’t have them in
by *Tuesday
at 4pm* you won’t get to travel and also screw a lot of people up.

If you have any concerns, please email me if:
1) You are a driver and I have you driving more bikes than you can carry
(or you can take more!)
2) I forgot to put you or your bike on the carpool (it happens)
3) Other really legit concern

*Do not* email me if you are unhappy with who you’re driving with or the
house you’re staying at. I tried to honor as many requests as a could, but
93 people and bikes is a lot or coordinating! Thank you in advance guys,
I’m really excited!!

Annie “mental workout of the day” DBK

PS “control/command F” is a great tool to find your name/your driver’s name
in the big carpool!