[CPTri] San Diego – Housing Needed!!

12 Feb

Hey Team –

We have a whopping 93 people signed up to go so San Diego! This is super
awesome and more people than we’ve ever brought to this race or maybe any
race ever. That being said, I really need your guys’ help. *We need to
house 93 people.* Here is the current info I have for people who have
generously offered up their homes. As you can see, we have space for
approximately 60 right now.

[image: Inline image 1]

A few options to help solve this problem:

*1)* If you’re already on the list, but think you could fit a few more,
please let me know what that new number is.
*2)* If you aren’t on the list but live within 45 minutes of SD, it would
we awesome if you could offer up your house. Shoot me an email with your
address and how many you can house.
*3)* If you have a friend who goes to school in the area and could maybe
host just your car (so like 3-5 people), let me know their address and how
many people.

Remember, everyone is responsible for bringing their own sleeping bags,
food, etc, so don’t feel like you need to have a bed and food for everyone
if you are hosting.

Thanks everyone!

Annie “don’t want anyone to be sleepin in the streets of San Diego” DBK