[CPTri] Weekend Practice switch!

07 Jan

Hey guys and gals!

It’s supposed to pour Saturday and be nice Sunday. So…. Saturday we will
run in the rain and Sunday we will bike under partly cloudy skies. To
clarify….. Saturday=run Sunday=bike. Still at 9 both days, same time same

P.S. Sunday will be a brick workout…meaning we will be running off of the
bike after the ride. So bring running shoes and a bike lock! You can leave
them in the rec center during the ride. ALSO IT WILL BE A LONG WORKOUT so
BRING NUTRITION…..Bananas, Gu’s, Clif bars, whatever…you’ll be needed
those calories in order to get a good training session in!

See you then!

~Becca “Diggin this El Nino thing” Brookes