[CPTri] Wetsuit and GU information

25 Jan

Hey team,

I’ve been talking with Roka about some of the issues that I know some
people are having with their wetsuit order and here is the information I
got back.

Roka is currently restocking their wetsuit catalog and expects to have next
year’s model of wetsuit in stock within the next month. These new wetsuits
will be subject to our team discount of 30% off. This means it is still a
better deal to get a wetsuit from the Roka outlet deals, but gives an
option to those who’s size is sold out. Shipping should only take 2-3 days
from when you order the suit.

I know this is cutting it kind of close to the race season and I am still
working with Roka to try and make sure that everyone on the team gets a
wetsuit in time. *If you are racing an early race like Irvine or have any
other concerns about getting a wetsuit on time please email me or find me
at a meeting.*

Onto the GU order.

As I have stated in past meetings we have a sponsorship with GU this year.
If you go to their website at https://guenergy.com/shop/ you can see a list
of all the products they offer. Our agreement with them gives us 40% almost
everything on that site. If you are interested in ordering GU this year
please follow these steps.

1. Search through the webstie and find what you want to order.
2. Open the excel file I have attached and enter the name, price, and
quantity of each thing you want to order in the respective column.
3. Print this sheet and bring the amount displayed for the total in either
cash or check to the meeting this Thursday.

If you have any questions or can’t make it to the meeting this Thursday let
me know.

Conner “So glad I did run TTs Thursday instead of this morning” Walker

xls icon Book1.xlsx