Step 1: Paperwork

  1. Survey to Start Registration
  2. Make sure you print out and bring the following to a practice or meeting:
    1. Emergency Information Card
    2. Waiver to use Anderson Pool
    3. Volunteer Identification Form (Drivers Only)
    4. Use of Privately Owned Vehicle Form (Drivers Only)
    5. Request to Operate Form (Drivers Only)
    6. Copy of Driver’s license (Drivers Only)
  3. Cash or check for Membership dues (Checks made payable to “ASI”)
    1. For Spring Quarter 2019, it’s $50 for new members. You have 2 weeks to try out the team before you have to join.

*New Members get a new race uniform (retail ~$150). If you have questions about payments please ask Austin Hartman by emailing

Step 2: Register for the Website

Click here to set up your user account to be able to view team practices online.  You will need to wait for your paperwork to be processed before you can login.  You will get an email once your account is confirmed.

Step 3: Download Slack

The Triathlon Team uses an app called Slack for official or casual team communication. It’s a more organized group message service, and it’s used to give quick updates to team members. Check it out on your computer, and download the app on your phone. Once your forms and dues have been processed, you will receive an email invitation to join our group,

Step 4: Victory!!

You are now completely registered!  Stay in touch with the team by following CPTri on twitterinstagram and by liking Cal Poly Triathlon on Facebook.