Pro Coach

Jon “running the dogs” Harmse

Quest: To help everyone succeed in achieving their goals on the team
Major: General Engineering with a Minor in Philosophy
Year in School: Graduated Cal Poly in 2009
Year on the Team: 5th year Coaching the team
Hometown: Dinuba CA
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: The bike
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Motorcycle Racing
Favorite Food: Whatever I eat after a really long bike ride
Favorite Disney Movie: Moana
If I were a bicycle component I would be: The Power meter, love me some strain gauges
Fun Fact: I hated running before I started Triathlons. Now I love it
Favorite Memory from the Team: Seeing the team compete and kick butt at Nationals
What makes me cool: After 25+ years swimming I am still discovering new and exciting things about technique that are making my athletes faster and stronger in the water

Head Swim Coach

Mason “hell yeah bruther” Johnson

Quest: I’d love to see the day when a loaf of bread comes pre sliced
Major: Environmental Engineering
Year in School: Second leg
Year on the Team: Round 2 brother
Hometown: Twin Falls, Idaho (aka the land of milk and honey)
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Swimming past the people who will pass me in T1
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Gravel grinding
Favorite Food: My own self hatred
Celebrity Crush: Brad Pitt, Tommy Cruise, and Gal Gadot
Spirit Animal: The majestic and misunderstood cougar/ desert jaguar/ lion of the hills
Fun Fact: I can blow my stomach out really far and suck it back in. Think pregnant man to Berkenau.
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: Peeing in the wetsuit before I hit the water
Favorite Memory from the Team: SB train ride 2k19
If John has 50 candy bars and eats 45 how many does he have?: Diabetes, John has diabetes.

Head Bike Coach

Harrison “I only want n+1 bikes” Kuuskvere

Quest: Stay upright, especially while traveling on wheels
Major: Forestry and Natural Resources
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the Team: 3rd
Hometown: Camino, CA
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Bike baaaabbbbyyyyy
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): To watch, baseball. To play, I don’t have that talent.
Favorite Food: All the carbs
Celebrity Crush: Sarah True
Spirit Animal: Giraffe
Fun Fact: I need a minimum of 12 hours sleep to function
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: A miserable night sleep the night before
Favorite Memory from the Team: The train ride back from the SB ride 2019

Head Run Coach

Ryan “yeehaw” Solorzano 

Quest: To one day hold a KOM for longer than a few hours
Major: Computer Engineering
Year in School: 4th
Year on the Team: 4th
Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: The one that doesn’t cramp
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Coding sprints to meet a midnight deadline
Favorite Food: Any kind of Mexican food
Celebrity Crush: Antonín Dvořák
Spirit Animal: The Buzzfeed quiz I just took says honey badger
Fun Fact: I can bend my finger back to my wrist
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: Taking as long as possible to put on my wetsuit while complaining about getting in the water
Favorite Memory from the Team: Wildflower long course was an experience like no other that will follow me in the form of a tan line that does not go away

Assistant Swim Coach

Alex “Lightning” MacLean

Quest: Get paid, get laid, Gatoraid
Major: <code>Computer Science</code>
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the Team: 2nd
Hometown: Seattle
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: My left, unless my knee is acting up
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): High Stakes Bowling
Favorite Food: 805 Pickled Beets
Celebrity Crush: Danny DeVito, of course
Spirit Animal: Hammerhead Shark
Fun Fact: I have 7 wisdom teeth
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: Not training or preparing in any way for months before the race, then just hoping I’ll somehow do well
Favorite Memory from the Team : MTS 2019

Assistant Swim Coach

Chris “You Betcha” Gill

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Quest: To go hard
Major: Architecture
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the Team: 2nd
Hometown: Edina, Minnesota
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Swim
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Haaackey
Favorite Food: Blueberries
Drink of Choice: Maple Syrup
Celebrity Crush: Michael Phelps or Vincent Luis
Spirit Animal: Sea Turtle
Fun Fact: I am fluent in Français
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: A nice hearty pre-race dump
Favorite Memory from the Team: Retreat 2018

Assistant Bike Coach

Luke “endurance would be easier if it didn’t take so long” Nydam

Quest: pull my headphones out from my pocket and not have to spend 5 min. untangling them
Major: BRAE
Year in School: 4th
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Town? I grew up in the rurals (by Modesto, CA)
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Eating the snacks they give you at the end of the race
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Rockclimbing
Favorite Food: The kind on my plate
Celebrity Crush: Harrison Ford almost got crushed by that bolder in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’
Spirit Animal: Chicken, I eat it enough so it is a part of me
Fun Fact: My blood type is O-
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: Lose and re-find all my stuff 5 times
Favorite Memory from the Team: That time in the future when I become fast

Assistant Bike Coach

Izzy “Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself” Watson

Quest: To boldly go where no one has gone before
Major: English
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Loomis, CA. Or as it’s known in certain circles: The Loom.
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: The ones where I can’t drown
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): If it was swim, bike, run, tennis, I would win.
Favorite Food: Peanut butter and chocolate. Preferably directly to the bloodstream.
Celebrity Crush: Kelli O’Hara
Spirit Animal: Ice Cream Sundae
Fun Fact: My thumbs don’t fit in bowling balls
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: Aggressively applying body glide to try to avoid chafing
Favorite Memory from the Team: Wildflower!
How big of a geek are you: Were you ranked top 10 in California for Star Trek trivia? Because I was.

Assistant Bike Coach

Zoe “I’m hungry” Lam

Quest: To be addressed as Chef
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: Los gatos
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: The snack table
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Eating
Favorite Food: Food
Celebrity Crush: Mother Earth
Spirit Animal: Whale
Fun Fact: I got hit by a bull
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: Idk probably something to do with eating
Favorite Memory from the Team: Cinnamon rolllllllllllllllls
You wanna grub, Chef?: ya

Assistant Run Coach

Alex “mostly dad jokes” Dunn

Quest: To finally learn how to do a freaking flip turn
Major: General Engineering
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: Practically Seattle
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Running (duh)
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Tennis
Favorite Food: Gummy Bears
Celebrity Crush: The entire cast of Glee season 2
Spirit Animal: Probably also a gummy bear?
Fun Fact: I still have all my wisdom teeth and don’t plan on giving any of those babies up.
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: Eating a massive Chipotle burrito the night before and hoping for the best.
Favorite Memory from the Team: Baby’s first 2 laps

Assistant Run Coach

Greg “when you come to a fork in the road take it” Aitken

Quest: Dunk a basketball
Major: Computer Science
Year in School: 4th
Year on the team: 3ish
Hometown: Folsom, CA
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Run
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Squash
Favorite Food: Cream puffs
Celebrity Crush: Julian Alaphilippe
Spirit Animal: Gorilla
Fun Fact: I lost my middle school pacer record to a now multi-time California state track and cross country champion.
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: That jumpy thing that sprinters do.
Favorite Memory from the Team: Santa Barbara ride with lots of cool people.