Race Director

Jake “This picture from MTS 2015 destined me to be Race Director” Pickett

Email: racedirector@marchtriathlonseries.com
Quest: Be the priest at Ryker and Peter Sagan’s wedding.
Major: if (jake.coolness == “nerd”) { jake.major = “Software Engineering”; }
Year in School: More than 3 and less than 5
Year on the team: The number of NBA teams in California
Hometown: Laguna Hills (No, I’m not an OC Housewife)
Favorite leg of the triathlon: Eating Clif Bars on the bike
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Volleyball
Favorite Food: Fisherman’s Platter from Olde Port Inn in Avila
Celebrity Crush: Stu’s Quads
Spirit Animal: Iguana Burrito
Fun Fact: In the 5th grade talent show my talent was cup stacking.
Favorite Memory from the Team: Nationals in Tuscaloosa ft. Ryker’s ratchet music and José being José. “Sit down”, “BE HUMBLE”
On a scale of “1” to “YEAH FAM”, how Peach-a-Rita’d are you: Jus Tryna Crank

Registration and Website Director

Kayja “Kaya, Kayla, Kaja, Keja” Mann

Email: registration@marchtriathlonseries.com
Quest: To find another appendix
Major: Recreation Parks and Tourism Administration
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: Sebastopol
Favorite leg of the triathlon: the unlimited bananas at the end of the race
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): blowing bubbles
Favorite Food: Yerba Mate and avocados
Celebrity Crush: Kate Hudson
Spirit Animal: an inch worm
Weirdest pre-race ritual: the prerace poops
Strangest Food you’ve eaten: kangaroo
Oldest item in your fridge: It’d be a tie between a Lemon Elation Guayaki Yerba Mate (product plug) and fermented coconut yogurt

Volunteer and Transition Director

Riley “probably being awkward” Paul

Email: volunteer@marchtriathlonseries.com
Quest: Develop the metabolism of a teenage boy
Major: Business
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the team: 2nd!!
Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA
Favorite leg of the triathlon: R-U-N 4ever
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Dancing at times it isn’t socially acceptable :/
Favorite Food: I have a passionate love for peanut butter
Celebrity Crush: Louisa Nickerson TBH
Spirit Animal: A llama!!!
Weirdest pre-race ritual: holding hands with Lou while we pee in our wetsuits (young love :,)
Strangest Food you’ve eaten: Are fried pickles weird or just delicious
Oldest item in your fridge: honestly nothing makes it past a week in there because I eat a lot
Fun Fact: my toes are longer than the average pal’s fingers :-)
Favorite Memory from the Team: Kendra’s race at UCSB!!!

Bike/Run Course and Traffic Director

Sean “One day my facial hair will be as majestic as Andrew’s” Foster

Email: bike-run-traffic@marchtriathlonseries.com
Major: Master’s Student, Agriculture: BioResource & Ag Systems
Year in School: 6th? 7th? I stopped counting after 4 :(
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: Wildomar, CA (no one knows where it is)
Favorite leg of the triathlon: I am the most photogenic on the run, so definitely the run
Favorite Food: Burrito. Hands down.
Celeb Crush: ur mom
Spirit Animal: I have 4. Earth spirit animal = elephant, Air spirit animal = praying mantis, Water spirit animal = fresh water otter, Fire spirit animal = siboglinid tube worms that live near hydrothermal sea vents
Weirdest pre-race ritual: Drinking 6 beers the day before and getting debilitating calf cramps halfway through the swim because of it.
Strangest Food you’ve eaten: I slurped up some fish eyeballs from fish head soup in Korea.
Oldest item in your fridge: It’s difficult to determine. Conservation of mass claims that matter cannot be created nor destroyed; that atoms making up these items have simply just rearranged over time. That being said, I guess probably the soy sauce.
Fun Fact: A polar bear could eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting. Good thing they don’t live in the same place! Also I’m left handed, that’s pretty cool.
Favorite memory from the team: First meeting of the year, September 2016.

Public Relations Director

Olivia “don’t drown, don’t crash, don’t walk” Lewis

Email: publicrelations@marchtriathlonseries.com
Quest: To visit as many national parks as physically possible
Major: Biology
Year in School: Sophomore
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: Seattle
Favorite leg of the triathlon: left on the swim, right on the run
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): skiing
Favorite Food: sushi anytime anyplace
Spirit Animal: I’ve been told walrus so I’m gonna go with that
Weirdest pre-race ritual: yoga breathing- prevents passing out
Strangest Food you’ve eaten: raw octopus- don’t reccommend
Fun Fact: Knowing every song from the lion king by heart- hard work pays off
Favorite Memory from the Team: When it started hailing before the swim at stanford

Swim Course and Medical Director

Jamie “ya dingbat” Nelson

Email: swim-medical@marchtriathlonseries.com
Quest: Meet a wise old billy goat in the Swiss Alps, befriend it, and learn the secrets of the universe
Major: Environmental Earth and Soil Science
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Corona, CA (no, not like the beer)
Favorite leg of the triathlon: Beating everyone on the swim, and then being slowly overtaken for the rest of the race. 10/10 would recommend!
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Speed reading
Favorite Food: The edible kind
Celebrity Crush: Mushu
Spirit Animal: A mama polar bear
Weirdest pre-race ritual: Making myself as light as possible through the art of defecation
Strangest Food you’ve eaten: A durian popsicle – not that strange but very nasty
Oldest item in your fridge: I live at 9V; we’ve got food that predates Betty White
Fun Fact: I like waving at babies until they’re guilted into waving back
Favorite Memory from the Team: Too many to choose from :)

Sponsorship/Expo Director

Brendan “n+1 bikes” Abrams

Email: sponsorship@marchtriathlonseries.com
Quest: find the question of life. The answer is 42.
Major: LAES (fill in the acronym yourself)
Year in School: 4th
Year on the team: 4th
Hometown: Reseda, Los Angeles, CA
Favorite leg of the triathlon: body glide* application. *Olive oil if body glide is unavailable
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Australian football
Favorite Food: kiwi
Celebrity Crush: JGL. He’s traveled through time, through dreams, and straight through to my heart
Spirit Animal: kiwi
Weirdest pre-race ritual: climbing to the top of a pyramid and sacrificing a virgin to Chaac Uayab Xoc, the Mayan fish god
Strangest Food you’ve eaten: Vegemite, the devil’s margarine
Oldest item in your fridge: jar of blood from my enemies
Fun Fact: I have never eaten bacon. Stay back, pork hustlers!
Favorite Memory from the Team: that one time when we were all fully clothed.
Do you agree to the terms and conditions?: Upon close inspection of the aforementioned “terms and conditions,” I have determined that I do, in fact, agree.