Steven “Started From the Bottom” Villanueva

Quest: Become Beer Mile Champion of the Western Region
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year in School: 5th Year (Super Senior) (Victory lap)
Year on the team: 5th
Hometown: Lompoc (It’s pronounced Poke)
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Run
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Shuffleboard
Fun Fact: Occasional attendee of the Body Pump class at the Rec Center
Favorite Memory from Team: Freshman Year Retreat
Favorite Quote: ʺSmile. Nod. Agree. And do whatever the hell you were going to do anyway.ʺ -Robert Downey Jr.
If I were a bicycle component I would be: The crankarm because I like to crank up the volume
On a scale of ‘What’s water?’ to ‘Better than Michael Phelps’, how good are you at swimming? Infant taking a sink bath

Vice President

Annie “try to pronounce my last name” deBruynkops

Quest: To make the world as shady as possible. #longliveshadyjake
Major: Business Information Systems
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Crossing the finish line
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Soccer (especially with the team…s/o to Swim, Bike, Run, Soccer!)
Favorite Quote: “I really like Annie. I hope to one day claim her as my own” -Stuart Christian Suplick
Fun Fact: I’m left-handed and I have a lot of lefty pride
Favorite Memory from Team: Wildflower.. around 7pm on Saturday night
If I were a bicycle component I would be: The seat ;)


Nick Verbos


Quest: Be on the Price is Right
Major: Computer Science
Year in School: I forget, it’s been too long
Year on the team: Many
Hometown: Atlantis, East Virginia
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Butt-smackin’
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): (See picture above)
Favorite Quote: “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” -Ms. Frizzle
Spirit Animal: Potato
Fun Fact: I can lick my belly button


Madeleine “Maddy the math major from Modesto” Jacques


Quest: Eat chocolate in every continent
Major: Mathematics
Year in School: Fourth!
Year on the team: Fourth!
Hometown: Modesto
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Bike
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): El tenis
Fun Fact: I was born in Alaska!
Favorite Memory on team: Freshmen Metro dinner dates after swim :)
Favorite Quote: “It is what it is.”


Public Relations

Emily “cat lady” Rozga


Quest: To pet all the cats
Major: Wine and Viticulture
Year in School: Senior
Year on the team: 4th
Hometown: Santa Rosa
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Run!
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Rock climbing
Favorite Quote: “Life loves the liver of it” -Maya Angelou
Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, but only for cats and cake.
If you were a bicycle component you would be: Do tricycles count? Because I’m always the third wheel.
On a scale of “What’s water” to “Michael Phelps”, how good are you at swimming? Handicapped Dolphin



Conner “it’s spelled with an ‘er'” Walker


Quest: To seek the grail…or to beat Isaac in Tinder matches
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Salem “not the witch one”, Oregon
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Bike. The only one you can do sitting down.
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Soccer
Fun Fact: It was me who let the dogs out.
Favorite Memory on team: Learning what two laps means
Favorite Quote: ʺOh come on SpongeBob! You know, I wumbo, You wumbo, He she me wumbo, wumbo, Wumboing, We’ll have thee wumbo, Wumborama, Wumbology, The study of wumbo? It’s first grade SpongeBob!ʺ -Patrick Star
Spirit Animal: One of those fainting goats
If you were a bike component you would be: The playing card in the spokes that make it sound like a motorcycle when you ride


Peter “” Aster


Quest: To maintain my dino-nuggs diet through race season
Major: Architectural Engineering
Year in School: Senior
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Vista
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Bike
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Pumpkin Rugby
Fun Fact: My left pinky toe was chopped off
Favorite Memory on team: Santa Barbara Century Ride
Why I’m awesome: I can hold my breathe for 30 seconds
If you were a bike component you would be: Snickers bar in Bike jersey
On a scale of ‘What’s water?’ to ‘Better than Michael Phelps’, how good are you at swimming? Chlorine shaves my legs for me.

Student Head Coach

Becca “twinkle toes” Brookes

 10557566_10101504749272255_1675303551186241054_o (1)

Quest: To sample every flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream
Major: Kinesiology
Year in School: 4th
Year on the team: 4th
Hometown: Kelseyville
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: The parts that don’t involve water :)
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Mini Golf
Fun Fact: Before I started doing triathlons I was a ballerina.
Favorite Memory on team: When a rainy Sunday run practice suddenly turned into an epic mud fight.
Spirit Animal: Shetland Pony
Why I’m awesome: I was once a proud owner of 16 goats.

Event Coordinator

Chelsey “can’t cartwheel” Beck


Quest: To bake a cake full of rainbows and force feed it to you triathletes in the name of team bonding and carbo-loading.
Major: Biology
Year in School: Señor senior senior (shout out to kim possible-great show)
Year on the team: THREE-PEAT
Hometown: San Jose
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Bike ‘cus faster is funner
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Cat ball. Not so much a sport but a game for the easily amused.
Fun Fact: I have a physical and emotional dependence on coffee and I don’t see anything wrong with that.
Favorite Memory on team: post-Sprite Mile pancakes.
Spirit Animal: 16 year-old pug
On a scale of ‘What’s water?’ to ‘Better than Michael Phelps’, how good are you at swimming? I’ve finally mastered floating. Starting to work on propulsion.

MTS Race Director

Stuart “But I thought it was a team time trial” Suplick

OC Profile
Quest: To mooch leftovers off of everyone on the team at least once, especially if their leftovers include kale, sweet potatoes, or whole grains. Brownie points go out to those with leftovers that contain organic, sustainably grown or harvested ingredients that are Fair-Trade Certified and Kosher.
Major: Environmental Management and Protection
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: Berkeley
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Catching Geoff during the Run
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Skipping Rocks
Fun Fact: I have an inflatable abdomen that makes me look pregnant.
Favorite Memory on team: 5+ hours of teammate bonding and camaraderie during the Santa Barbara Ride.
Favorite Quote: “Triathlon is a mental sport. Why else do you think that triathletes are crazy?”
Why I’m awesome: I layer my cereals like a mofo
Do you believe in love at first sight? Everyone knows I’m all about that bass.

Heart and Soles Race Director

Priya “team nOOb” Chopra


Quest: To some day graduate from green group. Also to participate in the breakdown of dysfunctional dams throughout the United States
Major: Environmental Engineering
Year in School: Fourth
Year on the team: Third
Hometown: The great unincorporated area of Castro Valley, CA
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Bike/The fourth leg of eating everything
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Netflix
Favorite Memory on team: Successfully completing the Santa Barbara Ride
Favorite Quote: “If it’s alive, don’t lick it!” -Futurama
Spirit Animal: Sea Cucumber

Jake “What’s swimming” Pickett



Quest: Eat 20 donuts next year
Major: Software Engineering
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: Laguna Hills
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Eating GUs on the Bike
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Underwater Basket Weaving
Favorite Memory on team: Retreat last year and putting a tarantula in Peter’s saddle bag
Favorite Quote: “Biking is without a doubt the best sport” -Mother Teresa
Why I’m awesome: I ate a 5 pound burrito
On a scale of ‘What’s water?’ to ‘Better than Michael Phelps’, how good are you at swimming? I just learned to blow bubbles