Jake “Shady” Pickett

Quest: To own and breed the world’s ugliest chihuahuas
Major: Software Engineering
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Laguna Hillz
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Applying DZ Nuts
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Donut Eating
Favorite Disney Movie: Beverly Hills Chihuahua, duh
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Sushi
If I were a bicycle component I would be: The seatpost, because it’s the only shady part of the bike
Favorite Memory on team: Getting to be blonde for a whole month
Spirit Animal: Sea Pig
Celebrity Crush: Betty White
Fun fact: I was attacked by my pet guppy, Lea, when I was 4 and I am still deathly afraid of guppies
What makes me cool: My handheld fan (with a misting feature) that I carry with me at all times keeps me pretty cool

Vice President

Kyle “I’ll make up for my swimming on the bike leg” Jordan

Quest: To put a bike lane on every road in every city in every country in the world
Major: Master of City and Regional Planning
Year in School: 9th
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: Novato
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Bike
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Criterium racing
Favorite Disney Movie: WALL-E
Favorite Food: Cinnamon rolls are jet fuel on bike rides
Favorite Memory from Team: Wildflower camping. It’s in tents.
If I were a bicycle component I would be: An S-Works Tarmac frame
Celebrity Crush: Peter Sagan
Spirit Animal: 1992 5-speed Mazda Miata
Fun Fact: I’m a dirty vegetarian


Casey “Can we just skip the swimming part?” Duncan

Quest: To discover and consume the world’s most delicious burrito
Major: Kinesiology
Year in School: 4
Year on the team: 4
Hometown: San Diego
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: The run for sure
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Volleyball
Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King
If I were a bicycle component I would be: The seatpost, because I want to help lift my teammates up!
Celebrity Crush: Young Harrison Ford
Spirit Animal: Sea Otter
Fun Fact: I once backpacked for 2 weeks without a shower
What makes me cool: I can tell you about exercise physiology while we work out!


Annie “Try to pronounce my last name” deBruynkops

Quest: Bike from SLO to Santa Barbara every year for the rest of my life
Major: Business Information Systems
Year in School: 4th
Year on the team: 4th
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Crossing the finish line and nothing else
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Soccer! (s/o to Swim, Bike, Run, Soccer!)
Favorite Food: Taco Tuesday
Favorite Memory on team: Team traditions at Widflower
If I were a bicycle component I would be: The seat
Celebrity Crush: Shady Jake Pickett
Why I’m Cool: One of my greatest accomplishments in life thus far has been coining “Shady Jake” (Thanks for being shady, Jake)
Fun Fact: I’ve never changed a flat tire on my own (this is really sad I know)

Public Relations

Maddie “maybe now I can be good at swimming again” Johnson

Quest: Change lives for the better
Major: Psychology
Year in School: 4th
Year on the team: 4th
Hometown: Mission Viejo, Orange County
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Swim
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Hiking
Favorite Disney Movie: Cinderella
If you were a bicycle component you would be: The chain, because I always get things movin’
Favorite Food: Veggies!
Favorite memory from the team: San Diego freshman year
Celebrity Crush: Ryan Reynolds
Spirit Animal: Deer: timid yet majestic
Fun Fact: I like cows
What makes me cool: My car


Elena “Triathlon = drown, bike, run” Aker

Quest: To seek the holy grail!
Major: Art Major/starving artist
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 2rd
Hometown: San Leandro
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Bike
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Eating avocados
Favorite food: …avocados
Favorite Memory on team: San Diego Tri
What makes me cool: My knock-off aviator shades (like the ones Tom Cruise wears in Top Gun)
If I were a bike component I would be: The brakes (because I won’t let ya crash and burn)
Celebrity crush: Jennifer Lawrence all the way
Spirit Animal: The fish in Spongebob that screams “CHOCOLATE!!!”
Fun Fact: I like avocados

Student Head Coach

Julia “Wildflower: PR or ER” Mace

Quest: To drive Isaac and Devin crazy for the rest of my life
Major: Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: (Northern) Bay area
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Eating cookies (Far second: Biking)
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Whitewater rowing
Favorite Food: See above comment about cookies
Fun Fact: Half of my spine is unbreakable but please don’t try to prove this

Sponsorship Coordinator

Brandon “Don’t ride too close to me if you know what’s good for yourself” Yan

Quest: Travel the world
Major: Business Finance
Year in School: 4th
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: San Ramon, CA
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Finishing
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Sleeping
Favorite Disney Movie: Does Star Wars count now? But, um… Toy Story
Favorite Memory on team: My first triathlon
If I were a bicycle component I would be: The seat (extra cushioning), because being/having a hard a** is not pleasant
Favorite Food: Food. Need I say more?
Celebrity Crush: Does Jake Pickett count?
Spirit Animal: Seal. I had a stuffed one as a kid until it disappeared :(

Event Coordinator

Mauria “Just call me ‘MarMar’, it’s easier” Nakamura

Quest: Become a trophy wife
Major: Domestic Engineering
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: SLO
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Erika Wilson has a pretty nice leg
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Roller Derby
Favorite Disney Movie: High School Musical
Favorite Memory on team: Halloween: shoutout to Twix
If I were a bicycle component I would be: The squeaky wheel because the squeaky wheel gets the grease
Favorite Food: Gluten Free, non-pasteurized, non-GMO, organic, natural, sugar free bread
Celebrity Crush: Morgan Freeman
Spirit Animal: Blobfish
Fun Fact: My last name means fierce warrior in Japanese

MTS Race Director

Stuart “I needed to save time cooking that evening” Suplick

Quest: S.O.S. (save our soils…and water…and ecology) #notdirt #downwithdambadwaterpolicy #classicENVM
Major: Environmental Management and Protection
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Hipsterville Central, CA (Berkeley)
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Left
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Yukigassen (Look here, I’m blue #2, watch my sick moves)
Favorite Disney Movie: The Shining
If I were a bicycle component I would be:The component that’s just hanging on with all the stresses being placed on it :0
Favorite Memory on team: Apparently not getting the 4th discipline of the triathlon correct during Wildflower Long Course, and having Andrew assist me to the med tent, where he and Connor Daley sat next to my cot, making sure I was alright (that’s called true camaraderie, y’all, and also summarizes CPTri pretty well). Then later realizing Julia had also joined the “IV buddies” club!
Why I’m cool: I’m part Venezuelan, and spend too much time cooking nutritious, vegetarian food.
Celebrity Crush: Terry Gross
Spirit Animal: Orca Whale
Fun Fact: Way way waaaaay back in my youth I worked up to doing 400 pushups consecutively, with proper form.

Heart and Soles Race Director

Connor “Not easily sunburned” Daley

Quest: To grow facial hair that does not make me look like a dirty bum
Major: Tom
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: San Diego
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: The moment when the swim is over
Favorite Sport(Besides Triathlon): Nachooooooooooooooooo
Favorite Disney Movie: Anything by Pixar. The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Up, and Wally are all masterpieces. By that I mean that I shamelessly cried while watching each of them. I won’t take you out on a date to a Pixar movie…
Favorite Food: Anything that morally and ethically offends Stuart
If I were a bike component I would be: That plastic spoke protector ring
Favorite Memory on team: Coast Ride 2016
Spirit Animal: Sheep Dog
What makes me cool: Air conditioning


Andrew “experiments with bad facial hair” McGuan

Quest: Intercept Tom Brady
Major: Computer Engineering
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Transition (A.K.A. taking a breather)
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Ultimate Frisbee
Favorite Memory on team: The “extra mile” at Wildflower
Favorite Disney Movie: The Avengers (since Marvel is owned by Disney, it’s technically a Disney movie)
Favorite Food: Nutella on whatever
Celebrity Crush: Javier Gomez’s bike
Spirit Animal: Meerkat