Race Director

Taylor “I hope reincarnation is real so I can be a sea otter” Abbott

Email: tourdedonut@calpolytriathlon.com
Quest: Make swim practice great again
Major: Physics
Year in School: 4th
Year on the team: 3rd
Hometown: Clovis CA
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Swim duh
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Surfing & water polo
Favorite Food: Pizza
Celebrity Crush: Jack Johnson
Spirit Animal: elephant seal
Fun Fact: I am double jointed in 7 places !!!

Volunteer Coordinator

Ellie “Lake Michigan is the better coast” Walsh

Quest: To own as many dogs as possible
Major: Microbiology
Year in School: 1
Year on the team: 1
Hometown: Evanston, IL
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: The swim
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): March Madness
Favorite Food: Nutella
Celebrity Crush: John Mulaney
Spirit Animal: Mantis Shrimp…just google it
Fun Fact: I was a competitive Irish Dancer for 7 years
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: praying I don’t get lost on the course
Favorite Memory from the Team: Retreat!!

Marketing Coordinator

Mason “whip it” Johnson

Quest: To be the best version of myself possible.
Major: Environmental Engineering
Year in School: First
Year on the team: First
Hometown: Twin Falls, Idaho
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Fourth leg: post race meal
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): What other sports are there?
Favorite Food: Almonds
Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling
Spirit Animal: I am the walrus
Fun Fact: Once got lost in Zion NP and my parents thought I got eaten by a cougar.
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: Enthusiastically pounding my glutes
Favorite Memory from the Team: Are the shirts pre shrunk?
What do you think of Iced Coffee: Iced coffee is blasphemous

Donut Manager

Malcolm “donaugghhhts” Davis

Quest: Join the night unkos in the depths of The Den and surf the 360 barrels with Eddie Aikau
Major: Business administration
Year in School: Wowie
Year on the team: 1
Hometown: Kohala, Hawaii (808 bangahzz)
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Swimming over people at the start of the swim
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Seeing how many times I can end up in the ER post race
Favorite Food: Everything I catch in the ocean.
Celebrity Crush: Lilly James in Mamma Mia! Here we go again. Especially in Donna and the Dynamos first big show.
Spirit Animal: Chris Gill
Fun Fact: I lived alone in Slovenia for a month and a half.
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: Eating an entire jar of pickles then drinking the juice (cramping is not an option)
Favorite Memory from the Team: no max no. David will know
What are you most proud of: I am a certified professor of the history and science of Rajology. Ask me anything.

Donut Manager

Zoe “Welcome to my fitness journey” Lam

Quest: Visit all 7 Wonders of the World, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites Major: Mechanical engineering
Year in School: 2nd year
Year on the team: 1st year
Hometown: Los gatos
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: Swim
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Yoga
Favorite Food: Slightly sweet, slightly salty popcorn
Celebrity Crush: Rihanna
Spirit Animal: A sweet potato
Fun Fact: My bike’s name is Mac n Cheese
Weirdest Pre-race ritual: PRP
Favorite Memory from the Team: Getting out of the pool at the end of swim practice
What is your soundcloud: I would shamelessly promote my soundcloud but I don’t have one because I’m not a DJ nor a rapper


Kaitlin “I got pinkeye three times last year” Clever

Quest: Pass every single level in Candy Crush
Major: Software Engineering
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the team: 1st
Hometown: Lafayette, CA
Favorite leg of the Triathlon: When I walk because my legs are too tired to run
Favorite Sport (Besides Triathlon): Netflixing
Favorite Food: Gluten-free brownies
Celebrity Crush: Troy Bolton
Spirit Animal: According to the Buzzfeed quiz I just took, a honey badger
Fun Fact: I can fold my ear inside my ear
Weirdest Pre-race ritual:  Still unclear to me…
Favorite Memory from the Team: Overload!!