Race Director

Kyle “Do donuts cure a broken collarbone?” Jordan

Major: Masters in City and Regional Planning
Year in School: 9th
Year on the team: 2nd
Hometown: Novato, CA
Favorite leg of the triathlon: Posing for the race photographer (see above picture)
Celeb Crush: Quadzilla
Fun Fact: A group of porcupines is called a prickle
TdD goal: Eat only old-fashioned or buttermilk donuts as a challenge
What makes me cool: I believe in the truth: a hot dog is not a type of sandwich

Volunteer Coordinator

John “Apple fritters help keep me motivated” Reveley

Major: Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration, Sport Management
Year in School: 2nd
Year on the team: 1st
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Favorite leg of the triathlon: Is there any such thing as a swim bike swim?
Celeb Crush: Jennifer Aniston (I dare you to find a flaw in her)
Fun Fact: I was born in Taiwan
TdD goal: Eat my body weight in donuts
What makes me cool: I try to surf as much as I study each week

Registration Coordinator

Sean “One day my facial hair will be as majestic as Andrew’s” Foster

Major: Master’s Student, Agriculture: BioResource & Ag Systems
Year in School: 5th? 6th? I stopped counting after 4
Year on the team: 1st
Hometown: Wildomar, CA
Favorite leg of the triathlon: I am the most photogenic on the run, so definitely the run
Celeb Crush: ur mom
Fun Fact: I’ve backpacked through 18 countries in North and Central America, Europe, and East Asia. Hoping to add a couple more this summer too!
TdD goal: To “Make the TdD Great Again”™
What makes me cool: I’m left handed. That’s pretty cool

Marketing Coordinator

Sara “Grandma” Bilich

Major: Computer Science
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 1st
Hometown: San Ramon, CA
Favorite leg of the triathlon: The line for the port-a-potty
Celeb Crush: Doug the Pug
Fun Fact: I’m a recovering peanut butter addict
TdD goal: Eat one of every type of donut at slodoco, and get Kyle to pay for it. Oh, and take come cool pics of donuts
What makes me cool: I wear toe socks with sandals on the regular and can burp on command. Still working on burping my ABC’s

Community Outreach

Ray “terrified of pinecones” Lee

Major: Environmental Management and Protection
Year in School: 3rd
Year on the team: 1st
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca
Favorite leg of the triathlon: Pedal Bikes!
Celeb Crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Fun Fact: Mr. Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman is my spirit animal
TdD goal: More than six
What makes me cool: My hair sticks out of my helmet vents at all times